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Blister 13.0
Blister 13.0 – Musician, producer & Dj
From Basque Country (Spain) living in Barcelona.

Julio Tomé member of the electronic duo Lethargy presents his new project as Blister 13.0. After a temporary stop in his previous project, he moves to Bcn in order to start a new music phase. New city, new sensations, new influences drive his music compositions towards new styles and a different sound from his former work in Lethargy. He bases his new project in a mixture of styles and the blend of sounds, together with his obsession for personal and evocative melodies with which he tries to convey new feelings and messages, expressing this way his unique vision of what goes on around him.

Molecule released (24/03/2014) the fifth reference of Blister 13.0. This EP titled SIN OJOS includes remixes from Oliver Prime and Cormac Murphy which has won an amazing feedback in one week on the market. Expect a whirlpool of sensations and experiences with a deep dive into techno, trance and dub nicely wrapped in acid touches, a sound proposal which will lead the listener towards exciting and new musical landscapes.

After three LPs and three EPs of remixes, a countless number of remixes for artists of varied styles, plenty of collaborations in compilations for several countries, scores for short films and tracks for long movies, and a wide experience in live sets performed at clubs and music venues in Spain and other European countries, Blister 13.0 begins now his own solo fresh personal and professional rebirth cycle.


(Today) wears: Super skinny black jeans, black T-shirt (Barrio Santo), black cardigan, black ankle boots (Sendra), vintage black leather jacket.
Indispensable on your outfit: Fessura shoes.
Favourite shops: Aleluya Store, H&M (basic clothes to customize), vintage shops.


Best club: Berghain (Berlin), Venue Turbinenhalle in Maschinenfest days (Oberhausen)
Best djs/producers: In this moment Ben Lukas Boysen / HECQ

Favourite album: Murcof/Remembranza.
Song you are addicted to: Oliver Prime Feat. Peter Papiewski, Tjp – Free Hugs (Incolumis Remix)

Last club you enjoyed playing: Macarena Micro-Club (Barcelona)
Your recent work:  My New EP SIN OJOS (Molecule Recordings) but it was signed one year ago.
Really the next release for LCD Recordings/Bonzai is my recent work.


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