KLÄTCHmag presents Miss Biotza

Miss Biotza

Miss Biotza – Dj – Resident at Maculato Club (Madrid)
Spanish living in Madrid.

Miss Biotza is in love with the music, she understands music like a form of comunication, another language, which brought her to start playing music in the clubs of Madrid. Her influences go from jazz-soul-funk to the 70’s disco and psychedelic, cutting-edge electronic music. Her style is eclectic and evolutive, creating a dynamic and contemporary sound.

This dj develops her concept of social electronicachanging emotions with her sessions, throwing messages with the heart.

Miss Biotza has earned a place in the clubs of the capital and in the rest of Spain, her weekly residency at Maculato Club (Madrid) leaves no one indifferent to her forcefulness and elegance.


(Today) wears: Skinny jeans, navy shirt, running fluor shoes.
Indispensable on your outfitMy jeans and my blazers.
Favourite shops: COS, & Other Stories, Supreme (Mad), vintage clothes from Weist&vintage&more.


Best club: Maculato (Mad) & Berghain (Berlin).
Best djs: Move D, George Fitzgerald, Ame, Ewan Pearson, Rooselvet, Motor City Drum Esemble.
Best producers: Two Mamarrachos (Holly Jams) San Sebastian, Dinamite Dj (Catalytic) Madrid, El Txef a (Fiankun) Guernika, Red Axes (I’m a cliché) Tel Aviv.

Favourite album: Coma “In Technicolor” (Kompakt).
Song you are addicted to: Le Caroussel – Loose your love / Diamonds – Âme Private Edit.

Last club you enjoyed playing: Maculato Club
Your recent work: http://www.missbiotza.com