Lois&Claark interview

Lois – (she is the) visual artist
Claark – (he is the) electronic music producer

French live in between Paris & Ibiza

Lois & Claark are not some of those electro bands, they are free electrons.
Lois & Claark are not part of a collective of artists.
They’re from a secret society of super-heroes.
Lois & Claark won’t save the world, they just will make yours better.


(Today) Lois wears: Pink Floyd/The dark side of the moon t-shirt (vintage) – Black tulle skirt (home made) – Black leather perfecto – White freestyle Reebok.
(Today) Claark wears : Trousers (Levis) – Superman t-shirt (vintage) -” The Dude” limited edition jacket (Adidas) – “Batour” cap (NYC) – Black Stan smith (Adidas).
Indispensable on your outfit – Lois: My trashed old freestyle Reeboks
Indispensable on your outfit – Claark: My “Batour” cap

Favourite shops – Lois: The mysterious world of vintage shops
Favourite shops – Claark: Adidas & Culture indoor shop


Best club – Lois: Underground (Ibz) – Rexclub (Paris) – Razzmatazz (Bcn)
Best club – Claark: Berghain (Berlin) – Underground (Ibz)

Best djs/producers – Lois: Dj – Richie Hawtin the master. And my really good friend Alecsander Magnus, not because he’s my friend, just because he’s fucking excellent. Producer -Trentemoller and El mundo & Satori.
Best djs/producers – Claark: Dj – Alan Gay. Producer – Thom Yorke & Mount Kimbie.

Favourite album – Lois: Blue Lines (Massive Attack) – L’homme a la tete de chou (Serge Gainsbourg).
Favourite album – Claark: Kid A (Radiohead).

Song you are addicted to – Lois: Old but, couple of my favourite “Take me into your skin” (Trentemoller) and “Eyen” (Plaid).
Song you are addicted to – Claark: Exit Music (Radiohead).

Last club you enjoyed dancing/clubbing – Lois: Batofar (Paris) – Society of Silence (live).
Last club you enjoyed dancing/clubbing – Claark: My 30 dirty birthday’s party.

Your recent work – Lois: My photography blog (Ibiza – Paris)
Your recent work – Claark: As hip hop artist Nico Sam (Paris)


Lois & Claark’s live performance in progress…

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