KLÄTCHmag presents Vicky aka Vicky Groovy


Vicky aka Vicky Groovy – Dj – Resident at The nOD (Bcn)

Spanish lives in Barcelona

This girl from Palencia, started her professional life as a dj in Valladolid (Spain) 2001.
In love with electronic music began her steps as a dj influenced by american house, trip hop and indie sounds, without stoping evolving on her style including in her acts the most avant garde tendances of electronic music, deep house and nu disco. During her career, she has hosted and shared the DJ booth with the likes of Maetrik, Shonky, Tadeo, Alexkid, Coyu, Sarah Goldfrap, Fabio Gianelli, Russ Yallop, Alexis Raphael, Droog and rising talents/producers like Balcazar & Sordo, among others.


(Today) wears: Denim shirt, skinny jeans and dandy style shoes.
Indispensable on your outfit: My jeans and necklace accessories.
Favourite shops: H&M, up&coming designers and vintage shops.


Best club: Becool (Bcn) & Fabric (Lnd)
Best djs/producers: Dj – Bloody Mary & Producer – Maceo Plex
Favourite album: John Talabot ‘Fin’
Song you are addicted to: Zuckre ‘You Better Watch Out’

Last club you enjoyed playing: Quite a few…but last one was Becool (Bcn)
Your recent work: My track ‘Give Me The Key’ for Electronic Petz de Slok Label

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